A New House for Christmas

Amidst the cookie baking, present making, ribbon curling, mulled wine drinking, friend and family embracing of Christmas is an immutable tradition in our household. It comes to us from a Swedish friend who has shared her family traditions with us for the past decade. Each year, she and I set aside a day with our … Continue reading

Sweet Christmas

The Christmas tree lights twinkle, the smell of spices perfumes the kitchen from yesterday’s baking, and a Christmas carol provides background. A pre-school breakfast by candlelight in the warmth of the dining room inspires confidences, and they come forth over a bowl of hot chocolate and a fat slice of tender Christmas gingerbread. These are … Continue reading

Cold & Cookies

When I arrived home from marvelous Maine, Louviers was brittle with frost, the house an ice-box. Now that things have warmed up inside from the fireplace and Aga, and the heat of the oven, everything is settling into a lively holiday season. My side-kick, Fiona, and I have been decorating, after a mad dash Monday … Continue reading


Where I live, lobster continues to be a luxury. They are trapped off the Cotentin peninsula, and they arrive at the market in their star strewn indigo shells as prizes, bought and cooked for only the highest of holidays or family celebrations. The case in Maine is not the same. Here where I am visiting, … Continue reading

Back in Maine

I cannot stay away from this lovely place. Perhaps it’s the introduction to Hassidic reggae, the site of a bald eagle too young for its white headdress, the pure glory of perfect lamb chops preceded by Walnuts Seasoned with Anise and Fennel, or harvesting wintergreen leaves and berries for a subsequent pink-hued syrup. Then again … Continue reading

Nuts and Stars

I am here to say that life without the internet is nuts. I have not yet decided if a lack of connection is a curse or a blessing. Connections can always be found – here in Louviers Le Grain de Café has one; friends and neighbors are sympathetic and open their doors wide; there are … Continue reading

Nuts in The Gorgeous State of Maine

Nuts on the run…I’ve been in the U.S. for the past five days. I arrived almost in the teeth of a storm but fortunately it veered East, and the plane landed safely. Greeted by dear friends in Camden with a glass of buttery Scotch and the best Virginia peanuts I’d ever tasted, I settled into … Continue reading

Sultry August & Delicious Crêpes

The sultry heat of August occasioned an afternoon trip to the Normandy coast and the small town of Blonville-sur-Mer. There the beach is long, sandy, pristeenly white and not so very crowded. We strolled the boardwalk until we found the perfect spot to sit on the sand and watch the waves roll in. Few people … Continue reading

Book Tour

Book tours have always been one of my favorite things. I’ve always loved them. Who wouldn’t? I spend my time answering questions about the work I love, hearing compliments about my latest labor of love, being honored for my knowledge and insight. I get to go on camera, speak on the radio, meet lovely people … Continue reading


While San Francisco isn’t typically considered the center of exotic foreignness, after a day there walking the streets of the Mission District, Noe Valley, and Chinatown I have to say that I feel as though I’ve been to a foreign place. San Francisco didn’t feel foreign because I’ve lived in France for nearly twenty years. … Continue reading