Pistachios Here, Pistachios there

Oh my goodness. My last post was a long time ago. Since that fateful June 6 date many miles have been traveled, much life has been lived, many nuts (and other delicious things) have been cooked, served, eaten, enjoyed. And now we are staring the last week of school (my daughter’s) in the eye. Last … Continue reading

Dallas and Art – 1

I’m in Dallas, and it’s hot. One hundred degrees in the shade, which thankfully is manifold. Dallas isn’t just the land of hats n’ kickers, lognhorns, spice and good ol’ boys. It is the land of art and fabulous architecture and very, very good food. Last night I went with friends to Stephen Pyles Restaurant … Continue reading

Texas Nuts Two

Here in Texas, nuts are everywhere. Yes, I do mean the kind that grow on trees and come in shells. It’s the land of the pecan, of course, and they are everywhere, mostly wrapped in brown sugar and eggs and baked inside a nice, crisp pastry shell. As you all know, I’m cooking at the … Continue reading

Travel N’ Nuts

The Nuts in the Kitchen Book Tour has begun. I’m now in Austin, Texas preparing to begin a teaching tour at five Central Market stores (www.centralmarket.com) throughout the state. On the menu are delicious offerings from Nuts in the Kitchen, photos of which will appear on this blog as the tour progresses. The class begins … Continue reading

Fame by Radio and Everyday Nuts

So much to say, so little time. Firstly, I’d like to thank all the great radio people who’ve asked such fantastic questions about nuts so far. Here’s an interview you can actually listen to whenever you want http://www.amillioncooks.com/vertical_page.php?verticalin=18 Lynne Rosetto Kasper interviewed me for Spendid Table, and that interview will run on the actual air waves on … Continue reading

Toss the Nuts

This weekend was a toss-the-nuts sort of weekend. I’d been away all week on a lovely business trip (when you’re in the food world, business trips end up being lovely) with Oldways Preservation & Trust http://www.oldwayspt.org/our-mission-goals What made the trip lovely was the itinerary and the group. We tasted and sipped our way through the … Continue reading

Wine Tasting with Nuts

I host a wine tasting at my home once a month, with my inimitable friend and caviste Hervé Lestage (La Feuille de Vigne, Honfleur http://www.comhonfleur.com/lafeuilledevigne/ Hervé brings wines from his favorite producers, always keeping them a secret until the dramatic unveiling at the end of the tasting.  Like the good professional he is, Hervé prefers … Continue reading


Dedicated drawers are essential in any cooks’ kitchen because they keep you organized, they remind you to always have certain ingredients on hand, they make life easy. I have a drawer in my kitchen dedicated to chocolate, another to cordials, another to home-baked cookies, crackers, rice cakes, one to sugar, one to flours and another … Continue reading

Cocoa Nuts and Fleur de Sel

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts In The Kitchen!!! (Sung to the Tune of …..I’m not very musical so you’ll have to make up your own tune!) Thank you so very much for your enthusiastic, generous, funny and heart-warming response to my call to action. I am thrilled and will keep you informed about what is happening and … Continue reading


It’s time to discuss dukkah, a crunchy, toasty, spicy mixture that can actually change the way you eat. It’s inspired by the cuisines and eating habits of the Middle Eastern, where nuts are used everywhere, at all times, in everything. I first began hearing about dukkah from my cooking students; then I was in Portland, … Continue reading